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WPS is pleased to offer the CMS Secure Net Access Portal (C-SNAP) - our comprehensive, secured web site and your primary Medicare information source for patient and claim data. We're proud to be partnered with CMS to bring you this portal.

With C-SNAP, you enter a world of efficiency and accuracy. Here's what C-SNAP can do for your office:

  • Provide current vital claim status data, receive detailed information about pending and processed claims, along with Discharge Status on your Part A Claims.
  • Provide patient eligibility verification. Our eligibility verification process allows you to quickly and easily confirm Medicare eligibility for your patients.
  • Provide duplicate remittance advices. You'll be able to instantly view and locally print an entire remittance conveniently at your office.
  • Enter a Medicare Part B Professional Claim such as ambulance, basic medical claims, physical therapy and chiropractic. C-SNAP Claim Entry does not currently accept Medigap, MSP or Purchased Service claims.
  • Make your own correction to an existing Part B claim through the Clerical Error Reopen function.
  • Check the status of a Part A or Part B Appeal request. You can search for a single date of service or a range of dates for appeal requests. Appeal status information should be available within 10 days of the receipt of your appeal request.
  • Submit a Medicare Part B MSP or non-MSP overpayment adjustment request.
  • Send a secure inquiry to Customer Service and receive a response within the portal. This can be used to request clarifications on claim denials or policies that can include PHI. Personal information is secure, private and confidential. At this time, we do not allow attachments. Please allow up to 45 days for a response as these are considered a written inquiry.
  • Submit medical documentation for a Probe or Additional Documentation Request (ADR). Part A providers can also submit documentation for a Returned to Provider (RTP) claim requesting medical documentation.
  • J8 MI Part A providers can submit a request for prior authorization for Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Services and receive the response in C-SNAP.
  • Submit a refund electronically to Medicare for an overpayment (either voluntary or requested by Medicare) and search for the status of any refunds submitted via C-SNAP.

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